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Reciprocity Report October 9th-15th

Efi, bringing you the only news that matters!

Efi, bringing you the news that matters!


It’s your favorite Goblin Shammy Farseer Efi and it’s my pleasure to welcome you Reciprocipeeps to the Reciprocity Report!
Welcome back to the Reciprocity Report, this weeks report for the week of October 9th-15th is brought to you by Nomi who wants to apologize for burning your food but wants to remind you exactly who it was that trained him!

Great progress was made this week and we are finally up to 6/7 bosses in The Emerald Nightmare. Heroics will be starting soon and Sunday Fun Raid will be left for Normal to continue to gear people who still need Normal gear.

That brings us to the weekly raid report.

Sunday Fun Raid October 9th

Normal Emerald Nightmare: We started at Il’gynoth with 6 members recieving loot and finished with Cenarius with 6 members recieving loot.

Wednesday October 12th

Normal Emerald Nightmare: 18 people joined us so we started fresh and killed several bosses. Nythendra with 6 people recieving loot, Ursoc with 7, Nasty Spider with 8, and a couple attempts at Il’gynoth before raid time ended.

Friday October 14th

Normal Emerald Nightmare: We tood our group in to Cenarius progression to perfect our strat.

Saturday October 15th

We are still currently not doing a BYOB Old School on Saturday just due to the sheer amount of content we still have to work on.
This weeks calendar of events: Darkmoon Faire ended on the 9th and Time Walking Dungeons came back on the 11th. There’s a weekly quest to complete 5 to receive a loot chest. Hallow’s End will Begin on the 18th and will end on Nov 1st. Let’s get ready to bomb Stormwind!!

Current Events: Thank you all for all those mats you’ve been throwing in to the guild bank to help out with the food tables for our raids. Every bit of bacon helps! In IRL news, Noxy is working away on our badges and Blizzcon is growing ever closer. Some super exciting stuff is going on for Reciprocipeeps!

Thank you all for being so amazing and making Reciprocity the home we all know and love!

That’s going to conclude this weeks Reciprocity Report. To keep in touch with what’s going on in Reciprocity, visit our webpage at and add us on twitter@ReciprocityUS. I’m Efi, and until next week, I’ll be seeing you in Azeroth!