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Reciprocity Report November 6th-12th

It’s your favorite Goblin Shammy, Farseer Efi and it’s my pleasure to welcome you Reciprocipeeps to the Reciprocity Report!

This weeks report for the week of November 6th-12th, is brought to you by your heals team. They would like to remind you to stay out of the stuff on the floor. We know it’s pretty, it might even tickle some. We know that’s nice but…just don’t. Just don’t stand in it. Please?!

That brings us to the weekly raid report.

Sunday Fun Raid November 6th

Several of our members were still in California for Blizzcon including me so umm, /shrug?

Wednesday November 9th

This was our first official night back to raiding after Blizzcon and we had our first progression night in Normal Trial of Valor.

Friday November 11th

Normal Trial of Valor and our first Odyn kill with 12 members receiving upgraded loot. We went on to start progression on Guarm.

Saturday November 12th

BYOB Old School Naked runs are back!!!  Naxx and ICC
This weeks calendar of events: Darkmoon Faire began on the 6th and WotLK Timewalking event began on  the 8th.

Upcoming Events: Next week Arena Skirmish Bonus event begins on the 15th and Wow’s 12th Anniversary Celebration will begin on the 16th.

Guild News: Started raiding Trial of Valor, 9 members received legendary items this week.

Thank you all for being so amazing and making Reciprocity the home we all know and love!

That’s going to conclude this weeks Reciprocity Report. To keep in touch with what’s going on in Reciprocity, visit our webpage at and add us on twitter@ReciprocityUS. I’m Efi, and until next week, I’ll be seeing you in Azeroth!