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Reciprocity Report July 24th -30th 2016



Efi, bringing you the only news that matters!

Efi, bringing you the news that matters!



Hello, it’s your favorite Goblin Shammy Efi, who makes up for vertical impairment with a big personality!

I’d like to welcome all of you Reciprocipeeps to the Reciprocity Report where I will recount this weeks raids, news, and in game events. This week, July 24th -30th 2016 is brought to you by The Doomsayers. They have given me a Disaster Preparedness Pamphlet to read to you about the upcoming demon invasion. Well, it did contain a list of instructions on how best to prepare yourself for the Burning Legion Invasion but everything’s been crossed out. The only things I can read are “Burn Everything”, and “Nothing can save you”. Well, thanks for that Doomsayers.

Moving right along: It’s time for the Reciprocity Raiding Report
July 24th 2016 Sunday Funday Raid: In 2 1/2 hours we cleared 12/13 bosses in Normal HFC and got lots of people some upgraded gear.
Wednesday, July 26th Heroic HFC: We started fresh and defeated 4 bosses. Hellfire Assault with 6 members receiving loot. Iron Reaver with 6 members receiving loot, Kormrok with 4 members receiving loot. And Hellfire High Council with 7 members getting loot.
Friday, July 29th Heroic HFC: We started with Kilrogg Deadeye with 5 members receiving loot and Gorefiend with 9 members receiving loot.
Congratulations to all of you who received upgrades to your gear. Every new piece of gear is an opportunity to bash a new raid boss in the face.
Saturday, July 30th BYOB Old School: We did naked Kara, Naxx, ICC, and Ulduar. Thank you all for coming, we always have such a good time!

Upcoming guild events: The Reciprociparty committee is working on a fun end of Draenor beach party. More details coming soon!

Achievements of note this week: 6 of our members reached level 100 this week! Congratulations and make sure to let us know if you need any help with getting gear, running dungeons or lfrs, or gems and enchants. We’re more than happy to help!

This weeks calendar of events: The Burning Crusades Timewalking event ended on Monday July 25th and the WotLK Timewalking event began on Tuesday July 26th. Remember to pick up the quest from the questgiver in your garrison, which is the only reason to even go there now, and complete 5 Timewalking Dungeons for your chance at upgraded gear before the event is over.

Current Events: Last week we saw the pre-patch for Legion drop and we all experienced changes to our toons and game play. If you are still having problems figuring out your spec or new roll, please feel free to ask! Reciprocity is based on helping one another out and we have tons of people who are more than happy to answer any of your questions. On that note, if you still haven’t chosen a main for Legion, and made your choice clear to the officers, please do so as soon as possible. This will make our transition into Legion go much more smoothly and help us get into raiding faster. We’d love to have a tally of our tanks, heals, and dps before moving into the xpac so we can plan accordingly.

The Demon Legion Invasions are dropping on August 9th and with that comes lots of new goodies such as the exclusive Felbat pup pet and Nethershards that can be used to purchase special items from camps. Completion of the invasions rewards Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions and Stand Against the Legion achievements.

We have closed our recruiting again and received several applications to the guild. The officers have gone through the applicants and e-mails have been sent out. To all of our new members, welcome to Reciprocity, the guild where everyone gets a left shark and everything is the rogue’s fault. I can’t wait to get to know you all!

That’s going to conclude this weeks Reciprocity Report. To keep in touch with what’s going on in Reciprocity, visit our web page at and add us on twitter @ReciprocityUS. I’m Efi, and until next week, I’ll be seeing you in Azeroth!