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Reciprocity Guild Noxychu BlizzCon Badges

Hi friends! We can’t even tell you how excited we are to be this year’s custom guild badge group from our talented friend @Noxychu! Even more exciting is that she’s been streaming the process of making the magic happen on her Twitch channel! So far we’ve already watched her sketch out the foundation of several …

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Reciprocity Raiding Reminders

Hi friends, We’re getting ready to start our Reciprocity raid season on Wednesday September 21st! With this in mind, we’ve got a few raid reminders to share Weeknight progression runs are presently Wednesdays and Fridays, raiding begins at 8:30 PM, CST Server Time. Due to the significant increase in the number of raid team members, …

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Thanks for coming to the Beach Party!

Hi friends, Many thanks to all our members who attended the Reciprocity End of Draenor Beach Party! We had a fantastic time in Karasang Wilds, the BBQ was on and the the brew kegs were out! Our night began with a scavenger hunt, we broke into teams to search for Pandaren beer, wine & spirits! …

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Warlords Raiding Wrapup

Hi friends! Reciprocity had a fantastic expansion for raiding in Warlords of Draenor. We raided consistently, twice weekly from Highmaul opening right until our last Friday night raid run on the 26th of August. For a casual guild, we’ve done some awesome things! We cleared all of the Warlords raid content in this expansion! Our …

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Reciprocity Guild Is Closed To New Members

Hi friends, We just finished reviewing all the applications for the final Legion recruiting round and the invites are in the mail! We’ve increased the number of new members once again from our last intake, and this little guild family is about to burst at the seams! We’re a small guild by choice, a family …

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