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ReciprociversaryX was a fantastic success!

Tomb Raiding Reminders

Hi friends, We’re ready to start our Tomb Raiding Wednesday June 21! With this in mind, we had got a few raid reminders to share Weeknight progression runs are presently Wednesdays and Fridays Raiding begins at 8:30 PM, CST Server Time Please be on-time, if you can’t make it for 8:20 server we are happy …

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Saturday night CONCORDANCE AP farming!

Hi Recifam! With only a few weeks until the opening of Tomb of Sargeras we’re going to make a small change to Saturday night B.Y.O.B Old School We’re making the next two Saturday nights: AP OLD SCHOOL! We’re planning on full clearing Normal EN & ToV for the next two weeks on Saturday nights same …

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Grats on Nighthold AotC Reciprocity!

Congrats to the hardworking raiders of the @ReciprocityUS team!10/10 HEROIC NIGHTHOLD TONIGHT GREAT WORK TEAM!#Warcraft #GuildRaiding pic.twitter.com/iqmuK1H88E — Reciprocity Guild (@ReciprocityUS) June 3, 2017 Thanks to all the members of Reciprocity who contribute to our guild’s success we were able to clear Heroic Nighthold and complete our guild’s first Ahead of the Curve achievement of …

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Reciprocity Recruiting is closed

Hi friends! It’s been two weeks since we opened Reciprocity recruiting and that means we’re closed! We are absolutely FLOORED at the number of applications! To see so many of our friends in the community show interest in our guild is humbling. Our toughest task lies ahead now – our guild is a small community, …

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