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ReciprociversaryX was a fantastic success!

Grats on Nighthold AotC Reciprocity!

Congrats to the hardworking raiders of the @ReciprocityUS team!10/10 HEROIC NIGHTHOLD TONIGHT GREAT WORK TEAM!#Warcraft #GuildRaiding pic.twitter.com/iqmuK1H88E — Reciprocity Guild (@ReciprocityUS) June 3, 2017 Thanks to all the members of Reciprocity who contribute to our guild’s success we were able to clear Heroic Nighthold and complete our guild’s first Ahead of the Curve achievement of …

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Achievements Old and New: 2016 in Review

2016 has been a year full of growth and achievements for Reciprocity. While looking back on all the achievements, improvements, and changes in the guild I started to reminisce on the changes i’ve experienced since joining. I joined Reciprocity in July of this year and as a result my time spent in-game and online has felt …

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Reciprocity BYOB Old School Night

  Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, good any time of day to you Recireaders out there. It’s your friendly neighborhood altoholic Cleatorus here to give you a rundown on the latest Reciprocity achievements. On December 04, 2016, Reciprocity held it’s weekly BYOB Old School night. Participants rushed into Bastion of Twilight only to get stuck …

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