Reciprocity End of Draenor Beach party is coming 08/27/2016!

Hi friends, The ReciprociParty Committee is working out the final details of the upcoming beach party. Join us as we celebrate the end of Draenor, and the new chapter in Azeroth’s history! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!  

Reciprocity Guild Is Closed To New Members

Hi friends, We just finished reviewing all the applications for the final Legion recruiting round and the invites are in the mail! We’ve increased the number of new members once again from our last intake, and this little guild family is about to burst at the seams! We’re a small guild by choice, a family …

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Reciprocity Recruiting Now Closed!

Hi friends! It’s been two weeks since we opened Reciprocity recruiting and that means we’re closed! We are absolutely FLOORED at the number of applications! To see so many of our friends in the community show interest in our guild is humbling. Our toughest task lies ahead now – our guild is a small community, …

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Last call for Reciprocity Recruiting before Legion!

Hi friends! We’ve gotten our latest recruits promoted to members and that means it’s time for the last call for Reciprocity Recruiting before Legion! You may ask why a casual guild has an application to start with, and that’s a fair question. We’re not about having the best players in the world – though we …

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Thanks guild friends! You made Reciprociversary a smashing success!

Hi friends, Saturday night we celebrated our guild anniversary with a night of fun, games, contests and trivia! We began our evening on Reciprocity hill, and gathered in numbers! Anytime folks see a big pile of guild members gathered up they ask what’s going on and tonight was no different! Plenty of folks hung out …

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