Hello Guild friends! COME CELEBRATE RECIPROCIVERSARY WITH YOUR GUILD! This Saturday June 25th, starting at 7PM server (Central) Events, Contests, Races, Fun, Games & Prizes! Prizes? OH YEAH! (Boy are there some GOOD ONES!) Join us for a night of guild celebrations and good times!   Let the Reciprociversary good times commence!

ReciHosting Technical update

Hey friends! We’re pleased to announce that your ReciprociTech team has completed the planned work to upgrade the ReciprociHosting system and is now scaled with a fiber backplane! This upgrade provides all of the bandwidth necessary for current guild hosting needs both today and for our future growth. Several projects are underway to build additional guild …

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Reciprocity Recruiting Update

Hi friends! Emails are out to all current applicants! Congratulations to our newest guild members! If we missed you this round, remember your application’s being saved! We’re planning on reopening for recruiting before Legion! This update is so exciting every sentence ends with an exclamation point! Thanks again to all our community friends for your …

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Reciprocity Recruiting is closed!

Hi friends! The gates have been open for two weeks, and that means Reciprocity Recruiting is closed again! We are overwhelmed by the response to our first Legion recruitment opening, and we’re hoping to open recruiting again before the expansion arrives. There’s only one downside to such a big turnout in recruitment – we only …

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Reciprocity Recruiting Reopens!

Hi friends! It’s been a month since we closed Reciprocity Recruiting and our new members are settling in well! That means THE GATES ARE OPEN!  We’re excited to announce the return of Reciprocity Recruiting! We’re updated our new Guild Application form, which you can check out →  here.  ← You may ask why a casual guild has …

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