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Guild member posts, and assorted silly walks

Herald of the Titans: Legion Edition!

  Herald of the Titans: Legion Edition! What is the Herald of the Titans? It is a title that you get by killing Alagalon the Observer, with everyone in raid being properly leveled and geared. What does this mean? 1. You may only participate if you have a character that is level 80 and Experience locked. …

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Reciprocity BlizzCon 2016 HYPE!

Many thanks to our 25+ guild members who attended #BlizzCon 2016! What an incredible experience, so many fun times shared and memories made! We’re busy planning the next Reciprocity BlizzCon for 2017 and we’re excited to go back already! Thanks to all the new friends we made, the Blizzard event team and all the Blizzard …

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Thanks for coming to the Beach Party!

Hi friends, Many thanks to all our members who attended the Reciprocity End of Draenor Beach Party! We had a fantastic time in Karasang Wilds, the BBQ was on and the the brew kegs were out! Our night began with a scavenger hunt, we broke into teams to search for Pandaren beer, wine & spirits! …

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Reciprocity End of Draenor Beach party is coming 08/27/2016!

Hi friends, The ReciprociParty Committee is working out the final details of the upcoming beach party. Join us as we celebrate the end of Draenor, and the new chapter in Azeroth’s history! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!