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Reciprocity news and updates


Hey guild fam! Boy are we excited! FINALLY! RAID NIGHT BEST NIGHT IS BACK! We’re starting our raiding season with a great one, Uldir! With themes both new and familiar, this instance looks like it is going to be a WHOLE LOT of fun to run fam! As usual your pal roog has collected some …

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Uldir: Reci Raid Requirements

Hey guild fam! With Uldir rapidly approaching we wanted to put together some expectations regarding Reciprocity raiding before we open the gates to RAID NIGHT BEST NIGHT once again on September 5th. As a quick footnote: THANKS TO ALL WHO DONATED RAIDING MATERIALS WE APPRECIATE IT! When it comes to raiding, there are a few …

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Reciprocity Raiding Prep

Hey guild fam, welcome to Battle for Azeroth! We hope you are enjoying your adventures in Zandalar and getting together with your fellow guildmates for dungeons, island adventures and world quests! Now that we’ve got a little exploration under our belts, it’s time to think about raid preparations! There are both new cooking and cauldrons …

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Reciprocity BfA Attack Plan!

We are finally nearing the launch of our latest adventure: Battle For Azeroth, the 7th expansion for World of Warcraft AND WE COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED FOR THIS STORY AND ALL THIS NEW CONTENT! Coming to Azeroth with the new expansion is a host of changes, new features and of course NEW RAIDS! Before we …

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