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Hey guild fam! Boy are we excited! FINALLY! RAID NIGHT BEST NIGHT IS BACK! We’re starting our raiding season with a great one, Uldir! With themes both new and familiar, this instance looks like it is going to be a WHOLE LOT of fun to run fam! As usual your pal roog has collected some …

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Uldir: Reci Raid Requirements

Hey guild fam! With Uldir rapidly approaching we wanted to put together some expectations regarding Reciprocity raiding before we open the gates to RAID NIGHT BEST NIGHT once again on September 5th. As a quick footnote: THANKS TO ALL WHO DONATED RAIDING MATERIALS WE APPRECIATE IT! When it comes to raiding, there are a few …

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Reciprocity Guild Enamel Pin

 HELLO WARCRAFT COMMUNITY! WE ARE ELATED TO PRESENT TO YOU TODAY – A DREAM THAT TOOK SOME WORK TO MAKE A REALITY : CHECK OUT THE RECIPROCITY GUILD ENAMEL PIN FRIENDS!Designed by @AndreaDeee, the Reciprocity pin features our signature Skull & Bones logo in Red & White enamel on a nickel pin Backstamped with the …

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Reciprocity Guild Representing!

RECIPROCITY GUILD REPRESENT! For over a decade Reciprocity has defended Azeroth from all would be conquerors From Outland to Argus and back we have fought in the name of the Horde Lately, we’ve been getting everything ready for our next adventure Today we’re excited to share with our guild members a new project just in …

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