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The 2016 Reciprocity Roundup

  2016 has been an incredible banner year for our small, casual guild! In the beginning of 2016 we had a lot of ambitious plans: Build and implement a self-sufficient private mumble server Build and roll out Reciprocity’s guild website and content Begin our public recruitment process to find a handful of like-minded Warcraft players Lay the foundation for …

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Reciprocity BlizzCon 2016 HYPE!

Many thanks to our 25+ guild members who attended #BlizzCon 2016! What an incredible experience, so many fun times shared and memories made! We’re busy planning the next Reciprocity BlizzCon for 2017 and we’re excited to go back already! Thanks to all the new friends we made, the Blizzard event team and all the Blizzard …

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Reciprocity Guild Noxychu BlizzCon Badges

Hi friends! We can’t even tell you how excited we are to be this year’s custom guild badge group from our talented friend @Noxychu! Even more exciting is that she’s been streaming the process of making the magic happen on her Twitch channel! So far we’ve already watched her sketch out the foundation of several …

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Reciprocity Raiding Reminders

Hi friends, We’re getting ready to start our Reciprocity raid season on Wednesday September 21st! With this in mind, we’ve got a few raid reminders to share Weeknight progression runs are presently Wednesdays and Fridays, raiding begins at 8:30 PM, CST Server Time. Due to the significant increase in the number of raid team members, …

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Hi friends! We’re excited to be discovering new Legion content and zones with our guildmates! We’re getting ready, leveling quickly and gearing up to storm the Legion as a raid team! Reciprocity Raiding Returns Wednesday September 21st, at 8:30 CST! We’re looking forward to taking the fight to the Legion soon!     THE EMERALD …

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