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Reciprocity Charter

Reciprocity Charter


Guild Charter

It bears noting that this article was drafted in a time when Reciprocity was very busy recruiting, running multiple raid teams and expanding rapidly.
These founding principles still guide our decisions today, and  represent the charter of Reciprocity guild.


Reciprocity guild was established because we believe your World of Warcraft experience should be fun, pleasant, and enjoyable. Honor, Integrity, Respect, Kindness and Maturity are the guiding principles of this guild and we look for these qualities in every prospective member. Although we are a growing guild with a diverse membership, we try our best to get to know each and every member as we strive to be more of a family of friends.
The primary focus of all of our raids and guild events is to have fun with your fellow members, build team spirit and build the guild’s strength.

If you are interested in joining Reciprocity please read through our charter and follow the guidelines to membership.



– Reciprocity Members are expected to conduct themselves with honor, integrity, respect, kindness and maturity. This applies to conduct towards players both inside and outside the guild. As a Reciprocity member, you must keep in mind that you represent the guild and all of its principles at all times, and should conduct yourself appropriately, regardless of the situation. Ninja looting is a horrific offense and is cause, for immediate expulsion from the Guild. It is expected that all members WILL follow the guidelines outlined in the official World of Warcraft rules. Immature, childish and malicious behavior is NOT tolerated and will be firmly addressed by a Reciprocity Officer if observed or reported. Understanding that we are all, human and have bad days now and then, we ask that each member take on the responsibility to help one another stay on the “path” and remind straying members of our guiding principles. We have a zero tolerance policy for hateful speech in any form it takes, in game or otherwise, to members and non-members alike.


– Reciprocity Members are encouraged to seek out ways to help other members, especially those in need. Our view is that if the guild actively helps one another out, that in the end, the guild will benefit from this in many ways. It helps build friendships, camaraderie, and over time will bring the guild closer together as a team. We are a family of friends and expect one another to treat each other as you would a brother or sister. However, power leveling is neither encouraged nor discouraged but viewed as a gift from one member to another and should not be expected nor required. Services such as summons, resurrections, and special skills (e.g. Tailoring, Blacksmithing, etc.) are also forms of help and should not be abused or taken for granted.


– Guild chat includes in game guild chat, vent talk, and all conversations on our forums our Twitter guild DM. Guild chat is a privileged means of communication that should be respected by all members. Reciprocity members are encouraged to use this forum to conduct friendly conversations. By NO MEANS should it be abused by spamming, flaming, advertising or used for childish squabbles. It is a forum in which we would like all members to feel welcomed to participate and socialize with other members and NOT, feel intimidated. Antagonistic behavior is highly frowned upon and will be dealt with firmly. If there is a conflict between members then the argument should be taken offline to personal tells or emails, if this cannot be resolved then it is the responsibility of the members involved to seek out an Officer for mediation and resolution.


– By no means should any member of Reciprocity engage in childish zone shout arguments. This includes name-calling, taunting of another player, or just being plain rude. If another player is taunting you to join in a shout match then the Reciprocity member is expected to take the mature approach and ignore the player and their threats. DO NOT sink to their level, as this will only add fuel to the fire. We all enjoy a good joke and the occasional jovial or even boisterous trade chat – but there is a line, mean spirited or hateful speech will not be tolerated, and will be addressed up to and including removal from guild if that is necessary. It is understandable that disputes over loot in LFR/Pug groups may arise and thus the Reciprocity member may have no choice but to discuss this publicly. HOWEVER, you are expected to handle yourself with maturity and honor and keep the conversation at a rational level. If the opponent is not rational and there is no hope for resolution and the Reciprocity member is unable to continue normal game play without resolution, then it is recommended that the Reciprocity member escalate the issue by petitioning a GM and requesting an Officer to assist in the resolution.

We have a zero tolerance policy for hateful speech in any form it takes, in game or otherwise, to members and non-members alike.
This rule is simple: DON’T BE A DICK.


– The same rules that apply to guild chat will apply to raid chat. By no means are these channels to be used to flame or harass other members. Additionally, any issues with loot or another guild member will be handled through tells with officers and/or the guild member with an issue. Use of these two channels, while not accessible to others outside the raid necessarily, is still considered “public” in that it is viewable by all present at the raid. This is not a forum to address concerns over policy, and failure to recognize this fact could lead to disciplinary actions from the officer team.


– We do not raid for the profit of individual members, rather to strengthen the guild as a whole. There is no expectation of members to give away loot, but we would certainly encourage you to offer the loot for guild members who may need it as an upgrade to roll on. If the officers of the guild receive word that an item shared by a team member is being sold for profit, it will result in a warning to the offending member, meaning any additional case of this occurring will result in guild removal. Failure to return the item if asked by an officer when it is discovered that the item is being sold will also result in immediate guild removal.


– This is very simple, don’t be greedy! Remember, that on a raid there are usually many people competing for just a few drops. If you have been lucky and won a drop, know when to say when! Give your friends and guild mates a chance to win something for themselves, even if a better drop comes along later. Following this very simple rule is one of the best ways to earn a good reputation and not be known as a greedy gnome.


– Ninja Looting will not be tolerated, in any form, on raids or in groups.



– We invite anyone who agrees with our charter and our principles to apply for membership into Reciprocity Guild.
Players interested in joining our Reciprocity family will first need to apply to the guild via our website at Reciprocity.Guild.Ninja DURING an active recruiting window. Reciprocity does not recruit openly, and we announce our active recruiting via our Twitter account at @ReciprocityUS.
Our recruiting process is to open for applications for two weeks, then close to review and contact all applicants with an update on their application.
New members will receive orientation, membership and guild details in their acceptance email.

SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS are recommended to transfer an existing maximum level toon or boost a new character to join guild.
Consider that a new boost or a transferred max level character typically means being able to join in on guild activities from day one.


– New members to Reciprocity will be titled as “Nugget” until the member has served 1 month in the guild. During this 1 month period the recruit will further attempt to demonstrate their commitment to the Charter. If at any point the recruit violates the Charter, an Officer may immediately remove their privileges and trial membership. During this 1 month period, the recruit will also not be eligible for any major loot drops unless otherwise indicated by the raid leader or officer(s) present.


– After the 1 month recruit period has elapsed, an informal chat will be arranged to discuss membership, if mutually agreeable to all parties the nugget will be promoted and conferred full member in Reciprocity Guild.


– There is no limit to the number of “alts” you may have in the guild. You may bring them into the guild as soon as your Nugget term is over, and you become a full Guild Member.


– It is requested that if a Reciprocity member wishes to voluntarily leave the guild that they show the courtesy to inform an officer of their intentions. An exit interview may be requested by the officers, and complying with such will help that member’s standing with the guild if they choose to reapply at a later date. Any member that guild-removes themselves without first speaking with an officer will be required to pass through the recruitment process if they wish to return. If a member wishes to return, it is up the discretion of the officers. It is likely that the player will not be allowed back if “coming and going” is becoming a habit.


– In the unfortunate event that a Reciprocity Member has seriously violated the Code of Ethics, depending on the severity of the offense, typically a warning will be issued by an officer and noted in the Officers’ Forum. If the violation(s) continue then an officers meeting will be held and a vote for termination may then ensue. A final warning may or may not be issued to this member from the Guild Leader or acting Guild Leader, depending on the severity of the situation. Membership in any guild is a privilege not a right.


– Membership termination, either voluntary or involuntary, requires that ALL the player’s guilded characters be removed from the guild, which includes both main and alts. Any secondary accounts controlled by this player which hold guilded characters, should also be removed. Once this has been completed, a Reciprocity Officer should be notified of the character removals either through online tells or email. A Reciprocity board admin will then remove your access to the private guild forums and if any characters are found to be guilded after this period, then a Reciprocity Officer my elect to guild-remove the character themselves.



– Roles of an officer cover a broad range of topics. The list below provides a description of the main Officer Duties, without being exhaustive.

a. Upholding the Reciprocity Charter and lead by example.

b. Setting a general direction to guild progression

c. Designing and updating the Guild Charter

d. Organizing and assisting in organization of events

e. Moderating and updating the Forums

f. Providing assistance in case of internal or external dispute

g. Enforce guild rules


– Members that demonstrate leadership qualities, guild loyalty and are consistent examples of the Reciprocity Code of Ethics may be selected for promotion to Officer. Approval for an officer promotion requires a unanimous vote from all the officers.



The Guild Masters have the same duties and the same powers as any other officers, most of the time.

However, these persons are also responsible to:

• Champion the guild if need be.

• Sends the offer for Officer promotion.

• Sets the Officer and Banker and Repair rights in game.

• Are the decisive voices in case of draw on a decision.


“Standard” officers are in charge of the different duties listed in § III.A.1.

A single officer may take charge of only a part of these duties, depending on his or her personal skills. However, he or she may cover most of them.


The Raid Leader is responsible for scheduling, organizing and leading the guild raids. The Raid Leader has final say within any given raid, whether the issue is related to loot, DKP, raid style, composition, team members, etc. If there is an issue in which a member does not feel they were treated fairly by the Raid Leader the matter should be discussed after the raid is concluded, NOT during the raid.



Progression Raiding

– Current Reciprocity progression raids will be scheduled by the raid leader on the Raid Calendar found in-game.
Participation in progression raids has minimum gear requirements which change with content.
Because our casual membership fluctuates frequently for raid night, at present attendance sign-ups are not required.
This may be subject to change in future as required by membership and circumstance.

– Social raiding includes both Saturday night B.Y.O.B. Old School and Sunday FunRaids and are open to all members to attend.
Saturday nights we run previous expansion raids for transmogrification, mounts, pets, and achievements. We call it B.Y.O.B. so you can infer the rest friends!
Sunday afternoons are current expansion raids, typically a tier of difficulty below the progression raid team there is a loose minimum item level but this run is designed to gear new interested raiders and fill out alt gear at the same time.

-Any additional questions regarding raiding should be directed to the raid leader.


-Reciprocity does not stream our progression raids, likewise, guild voice chat services are private and are not ever to be streamed, recorded or shared, ever. Members who violate this rule will be removed from guild and forfeit any benefit of membership immediately on termination. Our guild values our privacy, and if you choose not to – you’ve made your choice already.

-Guild events may be game captured and assembled into a montage, collage, assemblage, video, film, clip reel, or slideshow and by participating you agree to this and seek no recompense or any claim to ownership or rights.

-A rebuild of the guild Twitch channel is presently in the works and is aimed to be launched in 2018. Guild members can apply to be hosted by the guild channel when they are streaming World of Warcraft gaming sessions. It is an expectation that the social rules of guild conduct apply to the activity and chat of the hosted channel for the duration of the stream.


Reciprocity images, videos, logos, artworks and merchandise are not free to use.
Our guild has a very specific guide for how we present ourselves, if you want to use any guild image for any reason anywhere please get in touch with @ReciRaider to discuss.
No individual has any permission or authority to modify, alter or materially change Reciprocity images.
Reproduction of the guild images without permission, particularly for profit will be dealt with summarily and if necessary, legally.
Please have respect for the identity of your guild, it’s how we are perceived in our community.