Reciprocity in 2019

Hi guild fam!

Last post of 2018! We have had a BANNER year and It’s a great opportunity to review all we’ve accomplished and take a look into what the future holds for our community!

2018: A retrospective
Recruiting, Raiding, New Expansion, BlizzCon and more!
It’s been a busy year for Reciprocity as we finished up our Legion raiding with one final AotC and prepared for the Battle for Azeroth! 2018 was a great year where we welcomed a bunch of new members to our community and got together to celebrate our common gaming interest at BlizzCon!

Thanks for making Reciprocity the active and engaged community it is today fam!

In 2019, we’re going to change things up a bit!
Quarterly community events, a new plan for Saturday Night BYOB and a fresh approach to raiding!
Our first commnunity event of 2019 is the annual Reciprocity #IcecrownChallenge this Saturday January 5th, starting at regular old school time: 8:30 PM CST!  Come along for some fun and prizes and make a donation to an important cause for a chance to win a year of WoW time for yourself!

Reciprocity Raid Update:
Our raid team has overcome a few hurdles already in BFA:
1. Timing: The launch of Uldir was at a challenging time for our IRL membership’s calendars, hunting season, BlizzCon, Holidays and vacations all played a minor part in juggling roles and gaining momentum.
2. Gearing: The first raid tier of a new Expansion is always a bit of a guessing game between player accessibility and team success requirements, to ensure most folks could come raid if they were inclined our original requirements were in hindsight, a little too generous and contributed to our slow start.
3. Accountability: Raiding is a TEAM effort. Players showing up underprepared hold all their teammates back, period. With the upcoming Siege of Zuldazar raid instance we will ask players to be ilvl 375 with HoA at 30+.  These are the minimum gear requirements for the Normal difficulty.
We are taking progression seriously as a team goal, no exceptions for undergeared toons or late logins.

If we are to be successful in our AotC efforts in Uldlir, we need all raiders to show up early, have their gear ready, have personal flasks on hand, and bring the mindset of PROGRESSION. CAN THE CHATTER, that’s Saturday and Sunday attitude – progression requires a more serious mindset.

Wednesday and Friday nights are not Sunday FunRaid.
Wednesday and Friday nights are Heroic progression, bring your A++ game folks. 

Now that we have all the scheduling challenges out of the way, now that the holidays are about wrapped up, we have a VERY SMALL WINDOW REMAINING TO ACHIEVE Heroic AOTC IN ULDIR. We need ALL guild members at their best – heroic has no room for half measures, mechanics cannot be cheesed or outgeared. EVERY MEMBER OF THE RAID TEAM NEEDS TO BE PUTTING THEIR BEST EFFORT IN EACH NIGHT.

Looking forward at our next raid tier, we expect raiders to be logged in and ready before invites.
Get your extra loot rolls TUESDAY.
Check your gems and enchants BEFORE INVITES START.

Beginning in Siege of Zuldazar we will be creating a new Twitter DM specific to the progression raid team, where we will share previous performance logs and discuss how we can adapt team and individual fight strategies for success. Progression team members will be asked to participate in constructive dialog about how we can improve our performance and will also provide a place to share strategies, discuss mechanics and collaborate on our success! Beginning with the Siege progression push, we will move Uldir to Sundays to continue casual relaxed raiding for alts and gearing upgrades.

We are looking forward to an AWESOME 2019 Reciprocity!
See you in Azeroth!