Reciprocity Raiding, BlizzCon and Guild Updates!

Hi guild fam!

What a great BlizzCon this year, thanks to all our guild members that attended we had over THIRTY people from Reciprocity in Anaheim and we had a BLAST! We will post a survey up this month to get your impressions about how the experience was for you this year and would love to have your feedback to share with our friends at Blizzard, be candid – both the AWESOME stuff AND the areas for improvement, all of that feedback is super valuable and makes its way back to the hardworking folks at Blizz who spend all year in planning and preparations for the next incredible community gathering!
Preliminary plans are already in progress for Reciprocity 2019 and expect that we’ll have a BlizzCon survey up in early January to help coordinate our travel, accommodations and itinerary for what promises to be a STELLAR 2019 BlizzCon extravaganza! So if you’re considering 2019 – START BY DECIDING BEFORE THE NEW YEAR IF YOU WANT TO ATTEND THE SHINDIG!

Since our return from BlizzCon, we have been busy getting everything back to our regularly scheduled raiding cadence, and with Normal cleared we are back to Reciprocity Heroic progression weeknights and Sunday FunRaid for getting new raiders geared and a little practice and preparation for the additional Heroic layer of mechanics. That makes the raid schedule Wednesday & Friday night Heroic progression at 8:30PM Chromaggus Standard time, with Normal Sunday FunRaids at 1PM CST. Don’t hesitate to hop in mumble to hang out anytime you’re feeling social or looking for a few friends to get into Dungeons, Warfronts and Island adventures with!

With US Thanksgiving fast approaching and after that the busy holiday season, as is Reciprocity tradition, we have put raid nights on the calendar right up through to January, so if it’s Raid Night Best Night, hop on and join the peeps for some good times and a break from all the holiday festivities!


For folks who ordered guild wear that were not in attendance at BlizzCon to collect in-person, goods will be prepared for shipment this week! (Sorry for the delay, there was a LOT of catching up for the rogue to do after arriving home from vacation!) We do have one potential snag though, our national postal service Canada Post’s union is presently on rotating strikes and this on top of the holiday season’s additional mail & packages will definitely delay deliveries to guild members. I will be checking in with folks via Twitter DM to advise what shipping costs look like from Canada Post in addition to a freight carrier (Fedex, UPS, ect) and folks can choose whichever option they want. Thank you for your patience guild fam!