Herald of the Titans: Legion Edition!


Herald of the Titans: Legion Edition!

What is the Herald of the Titans?
It is a title that you get by killing Alagalon the Observer, with everyone in raid being properly leveled and geared.

What does this mean?
1. You may only participate if you have a character that is level 80 and Experience locked.
2. Your character (& all raid members) must be fully equipped in ilvl 226 gear (232 weapon) on the kill.

How does this work?
In the space between Legion and Battle for Azeroth our friend @KT_Deathope will be organizing details and getting the schedule sorted out but YOU MUST level a toon to 80 AND EXPERIENCE LOCK IT, then you come along to the scheduled gearing runs on that character. This fight is annoying at level and requires all the team members to coordinate and work together to achieve success.

What should I level?
Anything aside from a demonhunter! 😉 Preferably something that can fill 2+ roles friends!

Now that you’ve got the details send a DM over to our friend @KT_Deathope on Twitter and get the details!