Tomb Raiding Reminders

Hi friends,

We’re ready to start our Tomb Raiding Wednesday June 21!

With this in mind, we had got a few raid reminders to share

Weeknight progression runs are presently Wednesdays and Fridays
Raiding begins at 8:30 PM, CST Server Time
Please be on-time, if you can’t make it for 8:20 server we are happy to invite you at break


Because of the increase in raid team members, we ask that everybody who wants to join us for raid nights be logged in ten minutes early if possible.
Consider that we are a team of gamers from places that span multiple timezones and we all plan time out of our lives to do this together.
Do your best to be early, ask guildmates before raid if you need an enchant or gem, we want you to have them too!
If we all show up on time, we get summoned, zoned in, flasked and fed – we can maximize our time spent in the instance actually raiding.
We’ve only got a few hours a week and Tomb of Sargeras looks awesome and challenging, let’s not waste our time on anything else till break.
Speaking of Tomb – Concordance is highly recommended to begin normal, but will become a requirement as we progress into the instance.

If you can’t make it on by 8:30 server, we’re happy to get you invited during raid break time, just let us know in game .

Reciprocity’s Sunday Funraid begins at 1 PM CST and is open to all guild members to attend for normal Nighthold full clear.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Tomb team!

Lok’tar Ogar Reciprocity Raiders!