Dec 31

The 2016 Reciprocity Roundup



2016 has been an incredible banner year for our small, casual guild!

In the beginning of 2016 we had a lot of ambitious plans:

Build and implement a self-sufficient private mumble server

Build and roll out Reciprocity’s guild website and content

Begin our public recruitment process to find a handful of like-minded Warcraft players

Lay the foundation for Reciprocity member services

Through the persistence and dedication of @Khouri86 and @ReciRaider, who worked tirelessly building and tweaking all the many moving parts that have contributed to our guild’s technology upgrades and improvements, we accomplished all of our goals . We completed Mumble, went live on Reciprocity’s website, had two incredible recruiting rounds and have built a solid technology foundation for our guild services to continue to grow on. That’s something to be proud of!

This has been an incredible year of growth for Reciprocity, not only did we reach our technology goals, we also teamed up to fulfill our Warcraft goals. Let’s take a look back at our year in Warcraft!


We participated in the 2015 #IcecrownChallenge sponsored by @ArcaneRatsel

We were lucky to win a custom guild banner from @Whammo_  which we wear with pride!

We kept at our raiding priorities but always made time for the lighter side of Azeroth too

While making steady progression in Heroic Hellfire Citadel, we took inspiration from our friends at Blizzard

We enjoyed a ticket buying party for #BlizzCon together & scored all the guildies who needed one tickets!

We reopened Reciprocity Recruiting in May to an overwhelming number of applications, thanks everybody!

We finally completed our longest standing achievement, our former GM Tinke would have been proud

We also celebrated the Reciprocity anniversary in June and had a great party and giveaways too!

We reopened for the last call for Reciprocity Recruiting pre-Legion to another incredible community response!

We got together for an End of Draenor Beach Party to send the expansion off in style!

And of course, right on time, we introduced our friend Archimonde to the HFC floor!

We got together to celebrate the launch of Legion!

We worked hard to run dungeons and grind AP & world quests for the return of Reciprocity Raiding!

And just in time for #BlizzCon, we cleansed the Emerald Nightmare! Great work Reciprocity!

At #BlizzCon, we represented Reciprocity with over 25 guild members attending, most of whom got @Noxychu badges!

And we finished off the year with a fresh one-shot of Trials of Valor!

We participated in the third annual #IcecrownChallenge again this year and raised $145.00!


We’d like to thank all our guild members who make Reciprocity a wonderful place to call home in Azeroth!

Looking forward to new Legion raid content in 2017 and more social events and celebrating 10 years of Reciprocity!

Thanks to all our friends in the World of Warcraft community that have cheered us on along the way!

What an incredible year for a small casual guild, we’re looking forward to making 2017 even better!

See you in Azeroth friends!