Reciprocity Recruiting Reopens!


Hi friends!

It’s been a month since we closed Reciprocity Recruiting and our new members are settling in well! That means THE GATES ARE OPEN!  We’re excited to announce the return of Reciprocity Recruiting!

We’re updated our new Guild Application form, which you can check out →  here.  ←

You may ask why a casual guild has an application to start with, and that’s a fair question.

We’re not about having the best players in the world – though we certainly have a number of skilled and talented gamers in our ranks.  We’re not about world or server firsts.

Our founder Tinke summed up our guild like this: “As a guild we value Loyalty, Friendship, Teamwork, Maturity and Activity. We avoid Drama Queens, Ninja Looters and Leeches who are here only for themselves.”

We’re still that same guild today, and we’re looking for fellow casual WoW players who are interested in raiding, or learning to raid with like minded adults in a relaxed and often funny group of diverse guild members. We don’t take the game or ourselves too seriously, but we try our best to progress every time we get together.

Applications will be open for two weeks, then will close to review and contact new members. See you in Azeroth!