Reciprocity BlizzCon Badges by Faebelina!

#HYPE ABOUT THIS YEAR’S RECIPROCITY GUILD BADGES! YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND BLIZZCON TO ORDER A GUILD BADGE OR ANY RECIPROCITY GUILD SWAG Hey guildfam! We have the incredible good fortune of our guildmate Faebelina doing this year’s Reciprocity Guild BlizzCon badge art! You can check out Faebelina on: Twitter, Tumblr,  DeviantArt, Insta Oh and of …

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Herald of the Titans: Legion Edition!

  Herald of the Titans: Legion Edition! What is the Herald of the Titans? It is a title that you get by killing Alagalon the Observer, with everyone in raid being properly leveled and geared. What does this mean? 1. You may only participate if you have a character that is level 80 and Experience locked. …

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Reciprocity Recruiting: Battle for Azeroth Edition!

RISE UP DAUGHTERS AND SONS OF THE HORDE! JOIN US IN THE BATTLE FOR AZEROTH! We are excited to announce the return of Reciprocity recruiting! We raided hard to defeat the Legion and are excited for the new battle! If you’re just looking for the application -> CLICK HERE <- If you want to learn …

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